Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Coffeeshops and conundrums

Last night The Founder worked late, while I was fraternizing at the gym... and he still stopped by the store to get food to cook dinner for us, while it was my job to get the movie and it took me longer to do that than it took him to get the food! (I got a phone call, then I couldn't find the movie, then Blockbuster couldn't find my name...) See what I mean about feeling like I contribute nothing to the relationship?

Nonetheless, he keeps on wanting to spend time with me, which continues to surprise me. And I'm starting to like it! Tonight we both have work to do (I have homework, ahem), so we're going to go to a coffeeshop--part of my research for an upcoming article in the mag--with wifi and do our work. SO cute! (Gagaciously cute)

Am I the only person who thinks Coffeeshop is one word? Spell check keeps redlining me for not putting a space between, but I think if I do it just because a shop of coffee, not a veritable hangout! Maybe that's just me.

So Mr. Everything and I are corresponding about our parties and it turns out he's playing in the same 3-on-3 bball tourney I am this weekend, which is why he won't throw his party on Friday night and come to mine on Saturday. Understandable. We're going to beat his team though--my team is shaping up quite nicely, and we're even practicing tomorrow.

Of course, if it comes down to it and I have to reintroduce Mr. Everything and The Founder, do I drop the boyfriend bomb? It's not how I introduced him the first time around, so why would I do it this time? At the same time though, I don't want to lead Mr. Everything on... argh. Quite the conundrum. This is why you don't label people! And despite my telling The Founder that I now call him my boyfriend, I haven't since. Ironic.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Two of my very best friends are coming into town this weekend! Dallas just decided when I (accidentally) sent her the evite for the party the roomie and I are throwing this weekend, so she decided to come. I'm super super excited to see her, but at the same time, I was excited to spend time with Houston, and she and I have been planning her trip for months! So it just is a tad bit of a bummer.

Ironically, I'm playing volleyball with Mr. Everything and other friends on Sunday and invite them all to my party, but Mr. Everything says HE's throwing a party. So we fight, and then he emails (got it from his friend? effort!) to talk about combining our parties. My response is to email him the evite. Teehee.

But I am a bit worried, because only my girl friends and my boyfriend have RSVPed! WTF? Is the you-can-only-wear-a-sheet theme throwing them off? Have some fun with it people!

Tonight me and The Founder finally get to hang out alone! Yay!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Recap: the boat, the dinner, the parents

In a weekend where we spent a lot of time together, I don't feel like I saw The Founder all that much. Everything we did was group-related, which was fun, but also hard when we don't get that much un-rushed time together in the first place.

Fridays are me time, even though he technically could have hung out this particular one... I like having Fridays for me established. Saturday we rented a boat and took three of his friends and three of my friends out on the lake. It was super fun, but I mainly hung out with the girls. Saturday night we went out to dinner with a ton of his friends who were in town (one of whom is staying with him, which comes into play in a moment), and that big of a group was just awkward, so me and the roommate split off and went to see our bartender at Prague.

The group came to join us finally, but the roomie and I were pretty drunk at that point, so we probably were not all that friendly. Our bartender treats us right... or maybe it's not so good after all to have the hookup. Anyway, The Founder wanted to come spend the night at my house, but HIS roommate (who is far less cool than mine, gay, twice our age, and mildly possessive) said that he wasn't comfortable with The Founder's friend staying without TF (sort of understandable), but also didn't want me staying over with TF's friend there (not understable).

Now, you can imagine parts of this are hazy given the shots and beers in which I partook, but I'm pretty sure I held in my resentment of his roommate pretty well while being sufficiently annoyed that he would not come home and sleep with me. There was also apparently a 20 minute phone conversation once we were in our respective homes, but I'm pretty sure that went well because all I remember is talking in soft tones about how much we wished we were together (gross! who am I?!).

Last night I invited him over for this recipe I had been wanting to try, but then found out my brother was leaving town today, so we both went over to my parents' house for dinner with the fam... also the first time he meets my dad. He told me afterward that he was really nervous. My dad loved him and said he was really sweet, my mom already knows him but was excited to hear more about his life because he talked more than he did before (because he was nervous... awww!)

So I'm kind of afraid now that The Founder is not going to like me. It's like, he takes care of me, cooks for me, comes to my house, pays for me (boat! tubing! buys me and the roomie drinks!)... what do I do for him? I don't even know what to do for him, as in, a thing, but he obviously still likes me, I'm just being insecure. Because I don't know how to be in a relationship! Ugh.

But we're hopefully hanging out tomorrow night, solo. :-)

Friday, August 10, 2007

"Can we call him your boyfriend yet?"

"Hey, I called you my boyfriend twice today."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah. It was weird."
"Who did you say it to?"
"Well one was my ex-boyfriend, because I was inviting him to the thing and didn't want him to get the wrong idea, so I was like, oh, my boyfriend organized and I helped!"
"You helped a lot."
"No, you did it all."
"Who was the other?"
"The photographer I met with. I was telling him all about run club and told him, 'my boyfriend actually started it, so this is shameless advertising.'"
"So you didn't like saying it?"
"No, it was just weird. I'm not used to it."
"Yeah," says the Founder, "I got the idea that you didn't really like the boyfriend/titles thing, so I tried to just stay away from it."
"That's why I like you," I say.

I'm straddling The Founder after we've gone swimming and taken a shower post-margarita race (which I won in the female category) and feel the urge to tell him this. It's weighing heavily on my soul that I called him my boyfriend. That I was the one to bring titles into the mix.

At some point in the conversation, The Founder uttered the most fantastic words he ever could have said to me, with my psyche, "I like what we have. I don't care what it's called."


Now I just want to hear him call me his girlfriend... sick, isn't it?

But fantastic. My roommate was asking yesterday, "Can we call him your boyfriend yet?" and I 'fessed up that I had twice that day and she laughed. But The Founder is absolutely amazing. My ex was at the run last night and was definitely hanging around me a lot (and I failed to mention that he has my initial tattooed on his arm with tears coming out of it... awesome), but The Founder was totally cool about it and just let me do my thing. He's ridiculously awesome.

He did tell me that he used to date one of the other girls that comes to run club--but she walks. But they dated for 4 1/2 years, 2 years ago, and he's been single since. He says for the last year and a half it was pretty much over, as he wasn't here and they were just sort of holding on. So that's cool that he told me, and funny that we both have exes at run club, though his is obviously more serious. Oh, funny times last night at the run--my current boyfriend, my high school ex boyfriend, and R., my ambiguously ex dating partner, all on the same patio. Totally cool though, which is a testament to everyone involved.

I kind of want to run around and tell people that The Founder is my boyfriend. I won't of course, but even that I kind of want to is ridic!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Cable Guy(s)

There's not a lot to say today... which is good. I rarely get days off from the drama that is being 22 (almost 23!), outgoing, and mildly attractive.

OH WAIT! There was the two cable guys who came to install my cable and digital phone line (really? it takes two?) and talked to me a bit before the one said that I didn't look old enough to live in my condo. "How old are you?" he asked.

"23," I said.

"You look veeeeeery young."

Ok, great. Not a good story in itself, but THEN his installment partner is giving me the number to my new phone and as I'm writing it down says, "you can write mine down too." I sort of look at him, puzzled, and he says, "In case anything is wrong with the phone once you plug it in."


I can always count on the men of Austin. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"She gets wine AND flowers? What have you done with my roommate?"

The Founder's roommate said to him when he came over last night bearing the aforementioned flowers and wine, "what have you done with my roommate?" I said, "where did you come from?!"

I arrived an hour late at the airport, got home at 8:30 on a work night, and he still came over with a green bean casserole, ensalata caprese, and a FIVE POUND pork loin. The kid is ridiculous! And amazing. And he packed a bag last night, which was super cute in a dorky, cheesy way that only new couples think is cute. I suppose afterwhile it just becomes practical.

Speaking of couples, I continued to refer to The Founder as my boyfriend--ISH! throughout the entire weekend, but that got old. So ironically enough, I had forwarded an evite for a run The Founder planned to the ex I ran into downtown the other night, and he RSVPed yes and then sent me an email asking about LA. I wrote back with the usual "fun trip!" and then also said that I was glad he was coming to the run, "my boyfriend planned it and I helped a little."

... because if I didn't tell him I had a boyfriend, he might think I'm leading him on. But of course when I do tell him I have a boyfriend, he doesn't respond to my email. Not a good situation, but better nipped in the bud. Also notable for being the first time I refer to The Founder as my boyfriend without an ISH attached. The dude brought wine, flowers and dinner to me when I arrived home from a flight... who but a boyfriend would do that??

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The things I learned in a weekend in LA

I'm in LA, and tomorrow we're headed home. It's been fun, my movie premiere was awesome and I looked glamourous, so that was all good. But I ended up really missing The Founder. RJ (my friend that lives here and often text messages me and has a girlfriend but recently told me he wished we could get together but I would never like him anyway) wanted to hang out the first night we were here, but I wasn't really into it, and I thought it was because I was so tired. But then the next night I sort of blew him off again, and I was kind of like, oh, so this is what it's like to not think about other possibilities... that boyfriend. ISH.

...of course, then I called Dick. Dick is a fella I met out here in LA when I was living here last summer. We met playing basketball and sparks flew between us, but our one planned date I had to cancel because I was working on the movie, and we never went out after that. He was very ambigious about us anyway, clearly very attracted to me but holding back for some reasons, so once I "blew him off" (FOR WORK!), he backed off. And it sort of wasn't worth it because I lived here so shortly, but at the same time, he was one of the few guys I've felt super strongly about EVER. I remember countless conversations with my parents on the phone, some tearful, one where I was outright bawling. There was just an incredible attraction between us.

Since then, he's gotten a girlfriend he professes to adore on facebook and I've only recently gotten my boyfriend. ISH. Anyway, he's absolutely gorgeous too, by the way, and his girlfriend is stereotypically perfect--ugh. However, he did text me out of the blue like three months ago about the country CDs I sent him and thanked me again... questionable. So naturally, I called him to invite him to the premiere or to the bar afterward, and he texted me back and said "In vegas with gf, hope you have fun though..." What the f do the ellipses mean? And why wouldn't you say "my gf"? Overanalyzing, I know, but this is what I do with this silly man named Dick.

Luckily, my silly man The Founder is super amazing and texted me tonight to ask if he could make me dinner when I get home tomorrow night. Seriously, WHERE DID HE COME FROM?! I'm gonna wanna crash, not eat dinner! Although I have no food at the house, so I wouldn't be eating dinner if he didn't come over regardless of whether I wanted to or not. AND it was super duper cute last night, I said something about wishing he was with me and he said, "you miss my meep face!" Hahaha, I do miss his meep face!

:-D So LA may have brought up a lot of old memories and thoughts of Dick, but it also reminded me that I'm not really interested in anyone but The Founder... I'm excited to get home and see my meep.